Waking Up to the Ever-Present

By Charla Misse


I would say most people use a daily alarm for something – maybe an alarm to wake up, a reminder to take medicine or an alert to take a computer break.

As we are bombarded with increasing levels of distraction, it is easy to lose track of time, and it is easy to forget what is important.

During the COVID-10 pandemic, when we were at home, I set a daily alarm for 3 p.m., the Hour of Divine Mercy.  When the alarm went off, no matter what we were doing, all would gather at the front door to pray the Divine Mercy Prayer together. It was an important part of our day to recognize the mercy and graces being poured out upon us by our Savior Jesus Christ. It gave us a chance to recollect ourselves and to strengthen our family’s faith in unity.
Once we went back to school and work, even though we were no longer together at 3 p.m., I kept the alarm set on my phone. It was my reminder to pause each day to unite with Christ in his suffering, to be with him and to thank him for his limitless mercy.

Over time, though, I am heartfully sorry to say my recognition dwindled to such an extent that I would even “swipe off” the alarm, meaning to go back when I was finished with whatever I was doing, but most often forgetting.

I now realize how deeply offensive this was, to have my Lord crucified before me, and I didn’t bother to comfort him with even a glance.

I praise you, Lord, for opening my eyes. Thank you for waking me. Now, when 3 o’clock chimes, I close my eyes and, “seeing” that I am in the presence of Jesus Crucified, pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Then, when I open my eyes, I remember that Christ is still with me always, everywhere. My Lord and My God.


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