To 360 or not to 360

By Kim Roberts

Technology can be extremely helpful in day-to-day activities. I mean, who doesn’t use at least one App at least once a day?

Whether it’s to get from one location to another, to find a recipe, cruise social media or order from Amazon, we are a society that has become used to the comfort and ease that technology provides.

As parents, we have gotten used to being able to look at life 360 and knowing where our youngest child was at any time. This really put our mind at ease during her high school years and made it easier to pick her up after functions and events.

Well, she has now started her freshman year of college, and we want to keep the 360 activated for safety purposes, but I have to fight the urge to look and see where she is in the evening and if she is attending class during the day.

It’s a dilemma, for sure, that I am wrestling with to tell the truth. I feel pretty confident that we taught her how to be safe and to know right from wrong. But, I still worry about her.

I have found solace in another App that I have been turning to whenever I feel the urge to check to see where my daughter is – the Hallow App. It has everything that I have needed, prayers, novenas, meditations, daily rosary, devotionals and daily saints. It has become my reminder to just be still and breathe.

Whenever I open it, I immediately feel calm, inspired and in the presence of God. It has been just what I needed – no pressure, unguided, unscheduled prayer and reflection to help me “not spy on my daughter” (her words not mine).

What I’ve learned so far on this new journey of mine? I have to trust that the Lord will watch over her, and that he is also there for me when I need him as I travel through this uncharted territory.

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