Let God help you win the game of life

By Vivian Marino

What if I told you that we were going to play a game, and that the name of the game is life? Not Life as in the board game we all know, but instead the real-life game.

This game has three simple rules, but do not confuse simple with easy.

The first rule – When playing, you must walk by faith and not by sight. Unlike the board game of Life, there is no clear road map; you are basically playing blindly.

Ok, so we are walking through life essentially blind; not too bad. I am thinking I can handle it.

The second rule – you must love your enemies while playing. Well, that just made the game a little more challenging, but I’ll try, albeit hard.

And lastly, whatever you win or accumulate in the game, you cannot take it with you in the end.

Ok, well, that’s not fair. So, basically, I’m walking around blindly, loving people who hate me and, in the end, I must leave behind whatever I worked so hard for to win.

The $1 million question now is why even play? This game does not sound fun at all!

But what if I told you there was a trick to the game that would make it a lot easier to play; a way that you could always win and come out ahead?

The trick is to trust and surrender. When you focus on doing these two simple acts, you get caught up in God’s goodness, grace and mercy, thus making the game less complicated.

If we would just get out of our own way, the game of life would be more enjoyable and, dare I say, a bit easier.

Every morning, I start with a prayer, “Dear God, I trust you and I surrender; please take care of everything!”

The bottom line is to let go, let God do the heavy lifting and get lost in the beauty of life. That’s how you truly win the game!


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