By Greg Zambrano

Towards the end of the Mass celebration, we hear the priest say the word “behold.” It reminds me of Ecce Agnus Dei, behold the lamb of God, and also Ecce Homo, behold the man from John 19:5 when Pontius Pilate presents Jesus after the scourging at the pilar.

The priest is giving everyone a moment to observe, cherish, glance, admire and adore our beloved king and savior. If the priest asks us to behold Christ, let us all do just that.

Parents call on the young ones and the older ones to adore him. If the priest is asking to behold him as part of the Mass, it’s really Jesus asking us to see him.

I ask everyone to adore Christ when he is presented in his triumph. We all need to be directed, informed, healed, forgiven, fed and loved by our Heavenly Father.

Take control of the moment; let nothing stop you from reaching him.

Mathew 9:21 reads, “For she said to herself, ‘If I only touch his garment, I shall be made well.’’’

May the children learn from a young age to observe, watch, adore and behold the Lord.

May our Lord give us the perseverance and strength to make it to his heavenly kingdom.


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