Prayer pals keep the faith flourishing

By Stacy LaMorte

Do you know how most things are better with friends or family around? Learning about God and our beautiful Catholic faith is no exception.

About two years ago, I received a call from a fellow parishioner asking me to help her start a “Walking with Purpose” ministry in our parish. I really didn’t need more on my plate, but when she explained that it was a Bible study, I realized I had just been thinking how much I would love to learn to read the Bible in a meaningful way, so I agreed!

We are going on our third year with a women’s Bible study ministry in our parish. We now have morning and evening offerings, and I have gotten as much out of it as I have put into it. Week after week, meeting with the same friends to dive deeper into God’s word is fortifying my faith.  Even when I don’t feel like doing the work or showing up, I know that I am going to grow in faith and have fun.

I was also invited by another friend to pray the rosary at 6:45 a.m. daily with a group of Catholics on YouTube at “Many Hail Mary’s at a Time.”  Some days, there are over 1,000 viewers praying live together from all over the world! While that doesn’t have the same interpersonal experience as sitting around a quaint, pink linen-draped table with my friends, it does make me feel like a part of community, and I miss it when I don’t do it.

If you haven’t ever tried joining a prayer or Bible study group, why not put that on your goals to reach before the end of the year?

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