Temperaments Teach Me To Love Myself And My Family Better

By Gina Sternfels

Investigating your temperaments is a great way to know better what gifts God has given you.  


We all have four temperaments: sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic and choleric. Jesus is the perfection of all temperaments.


Most people have a primary temperament that consists of a person’s inclinations, emotional responses and dispositions. Understanding our temperaments and how we relate to others is respected in our Catholic faith and can help us grow in virtues. 


In my Catholic coaching program, we have been taught about the temperaments God has gifted us with. We can become more self-aware of these gifts, which helps us know about our contributions, motivations and weaknesses.


St Theresa of Avila often spoke of growing close to the Lord through our self-awareness. 


It has been interesting to understand myself, which helps my relationships with my husband and kids. As a woman, I have often struggled with comparing myself to others. God does not want me to compare myself to anyone else. God creates uniquely, so he calls me to take responsibility and know I am made in his image.


I am to trust him and grow in my relationship to know him. That can only be if I learn to love myself the way he loves me. I desire that for myself and my family.


I choose to grow more virtuous with him. I choose for my kids to see me develop a deeper awareness of myself through my temperaments. I can model what it looks like to contribute goodness to myself, my family and the world around me while I grow closer to the Lord. 


There are many places to learn about your temperaments. To learn more about temperaments, I recommend the book, “The Temperament God Gave You,” by Art and Laraine Bennett. 


You can also take a free online assessment with Metanoia Catholic at https://s.metanoiacatholic.com/ofcywtau


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