By Kristen Bourgeois

I have had the experience of having to forgive something big, and that type of forgiveness is an ongoing process. But, forgiveness in the little things is needed as well. This is something obvious, but something that the Holy Spirit has drawn attention to in my own life.  

It was in adoration that the Lord put on my heart that forgiveness and mercy were needed in my daily life. I was being invited to look at my life and was being called to focus on present-day transgressions to forgive and apply mercy to. 

Focusing on all the “big” things to forgive can be overwhelming. I’ve always felt overwhelmed, maybe, because I’ve always held the view of “go out and change the world” attitude.

Loving my neighbor was always easier than to love the ones in my own home. But, the Lord was so gentle and extended an invitation to keep it simple. There are plenty of small opportunities to extend mercy in my own home, and the Lord was telling me to look for smaller opportunities with family to practice virtue and to extend mercy.

Jesus was shining a light in my heart and in my own home. When it comes to my lack of attitude and impatience with my family, that is is an example of lacking love and mercy. I desire mercy, love and patience within my home.  

Jesus is my model for mercy. If I want my children to show mercy to themselves and others, I need to practice mercy in my own life. And, it is not only by words, but by my actions. Extending mercy – whether in my own home or out in the world –  isn’t possible on my own.  I am learning to accept my limitedness and take a hint from the saints to accept and rejoice in my weakness and to fully depend on God’s grace to extend the mercy of Jesus. 

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