Unleashing children’s God-given talents in summer

By Gavin Lewis

As Catholics, we believe that God has gifted each one of us with unique talents and abilities. The summer season presents an excellent opportunity to explore and develop these talents while nurturing our faith. By engaging in purposeful activities, we can honor God’s gifts and use them to bring joy and inspiration to ourselves and others. 

Here are four ways in which our children can discover and develop their God-given talents during the summer.

Creative Pursuits: Summer provides ample time for children to explore their creative side. Encourage them to engage in activities such as painting, drawing, writing or playing musical instruments. These creative expressions not only allow children to develop their talents, but also offer a way to communicate their faith through art.

Sports and Physical Activities: Engaging in sports and physical activities not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also helps children discover their athletic abilities. Encourage them to participate in sports camps, swimming lessons, or join local community teams. By using their bodies in physical pursuits, children can experience the joy of teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship.

Service and Outreach: Summer is an ideal time to engage in acts of service and outreach. Encourage children to volunteer at local charities, participate in community projects or organize fundraisers for worthy causes. Serving others allows children to discover their compassionate nature and develop leadership skills while living out their faith in practical ways.

Summer Workshops and Programs: Look for summer workshops or programs that focus on specific talents or areas of interest. Whether it’s a music camp or theater workshop, these activities provide children with an opportunity to receive specialized training and guidance to develop their skills

Summer is a time of growth, exploration and discovery for children. By engaging in activities that align with their interests and talents, they can develop their God-given gifts while deepening their Catholic faith.

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