Are you using your gifts wisely?

By Ty Salvant

With the scope of world issues, it is easy to think one person can’t make a difference. Yet, repeatedly, we encounter individuals who use their God-given gifts to effect change, one step at a time.

Recently, I learned about Xernona Clayton, a woman instrumental in the Civil Rights movement and the overall betterment of society.

In a new documentary, “Xernona Clayton: A Life in Black and White,” we are introduced to a woman who does not accept injustice. Whether faced with arcane rules like black women only being able to have babies on Wednesdays at a hospital in Georgia or a lack of diversity in the journalism industry, Xernona uses her gifts to make this world a better place.

With her faith as a guide, she exudes confidence and commitment strong enough to encourage a Grand Knight to resign from the KKK. Additional achievements include creating a Civil Rights Walk of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia, creating the Trumpet Awards, and loving people so well she can change hearts and minds.

Her commitment to activism and refusal to accept the world as it inspires and encourages me to continue to say “yes” to God and use my gifts and talents to answer his call.

If you need a dose of inspiration, spend an evening with your family viewing the documentary and discussing how you will use your gifts individually and collectively to enhance your family, parish and community.

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