Jesus is our ultimate teacher

By Vivian Marino

Just recently, I went to Pauline Books and Media store in Metairie to purchase a baptism gift. As I was checking out, I noticed a small basket by the register filled with little slips of colored paper folded up origami style. 

I asked the nun checking me out what they were, and she said to take a couple and see for myself. Basically, they are the equivalent of what you would get out of a fortune cookie, but there is no cookie, and it’s not a fortune. Instead, it’s just a little statement reminding you of God’s everlasting love and presence. 

I grabbed a couple, placed them in my purse and made my way home. It was not until a couple of days later that I saw them in my purse, so I pulled one out and read it. The slip of paper simply said, “When you see another’s faults and are tempted to judge and complain, look at your own faults and be silent about the others.” 

After I read it, I must admit I shed some tears. Only two weeks prior to reading this, I was in a situation where someone had done something hurtful to me. The only appropriate response at that moment was to turn the other cheek, which I did; however, I complained and judged that person for days. 

Seeing this statement on paper instantly opened my eyes and heart. It was exactly what I needed from God; a gentle reminder that I am not perfect and that I make mistakes all the time. I also thought of how many times I have been hurtful to others and that I need to be more aware of my words and actions.

The bottom line is that the way I treat others is the way I love God; it is as uncomplicated as that. Judging and complaining is certainly not what I would like to do to God, so why do I do it to others? Jesus literally modeled for us kindness, compassion and forgiveness; He was the ultimate teacher. I just need to be a better student!

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