The road less traveled with family

By Greg Zambrano

Currently, I am on a road trip with my kids from New Orleans to Boston. On this trip I have noticed my children’s and my observations. 

For our first stop, we hit Branson, Missouri. It is not on the direct path to take when driving to New England, but we always wanted see the attractions for which Branson is famous.

I observed how the people there are kind, helpful and ready to engage in small talk. My kids absolutely loved the roller coasters. 

As we continued to drive, we arrived in Ohio and moved onwards to Niagara Falls, Ontario. There, we spent hours observing water flowing and dropping from a great height. 

Moving on, we crossed the state of New York – noticing heavy forest fire smoke covering the sky. This made traffic extremely difficult, so it was an opportunity for penance. The ash smoke heavy grey sky reminded me of repentance.

Even though we are far from home, we can seek and find Christ in many Catholic churches on our way. In small towns such as Lake Winnipesaukee, parishioners greeted us because they knew it is our first time there. 

We finally met our goals and crossed the finish line – making it to Boston to spend time with family. My initial thought was to sell the car and fly back home. That was decided against. 

On the way home, we stopped at my favorite place – St Joseph Oratory in Montreal. My youngest couldn’t remember the last time we were there, but she recalled the crutches and canes hanging from the wall. We all remembered the bottom floor of the shrine where one encounters the rock of the mountain with a statue of Our Lady. 

We were also able to observe and venerate the uncorrupt heart of St. André Bessette, the “Miracle Man of Montreal,” a Holy Cross brother. He cured many through the intercession of St. Joseph, who like his own father, was a carpenter. 

It has occurred to me, just like petitioned in prayer, Jesus, meek and humble of heart. “Make our hearts like unto thine.”

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