My daily camino

By Gina Sternfels

The season of summer is upon us! New seasons mean new growth!

For us, it has been celebrating the accomplishments of our youngest son, graduating high school and preparing for a new path in the fall for college. To commemorate this time, his uncle planned a trip to walk part of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Even with all the preparations for this trip, we had last-minute stops on the way to the airport that morning. Being able to go to Mass together was a gift. I could hear what I needed for later in the morning when my son had misplaced his wallet. My momma brain becomes over-worried, thinking, “He needs me! What happens if…”  It is a whirlwind of thoughts that do not help me or my boys!

Well, he can travel without his ID since he has his passport! Thank you, Jesus!

The Holy Spirit steps in to remind me he does not need me. Both of the boys are taken care of. When I fall into that over-worried place of thinking, I will not bear good fruit for me or my boys.

I am reminded that this trip will allow them to learn and grow with God in their relationship, uncle and cousin and all the other travelers they cross paths with. It is not for me to take over, but for God to lead them.

One of my favorite novenas, “The Surrender Novena,” comes to mind, “Jesus, you take care of it!” It is the surrender of my self-reliance that I am the one to do all things for them. I, too, grow closer in my relationship with God every time I remember to bring my worries and concerns to the foot of the cross to hand them over.

It was shared with me that there is a saying on the Camino – whatever happens, everything YOU experience, this is YOUR Camino.

How beautiful is it that we can apply that to each day of our life? We can grow in our relationship with God daily if we choose to go to him.

Whatever happens, everything is MY experience closer to him. This is MY relationship that he gifts me each day, each moment and each breath.  He is MY way … MY Camino.

“This the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice in it and be glad!” Psalm 118:24.


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