A Time to Grow Together

By Charla Misse

I am truly delighted when I hear about the various activities that families are doing together over the summer. I can see how much parents cherish the time focusing on their children, as well as having their children’s attention on them.

Family trips, of course, but even simple things like playing board games, riding bikes and baking cookies help families unify and grow.

I think of the summer as a time to get stronger – in mind, body and spirit – with my family.

The freedom of summer allows for unbounded intellectual stimulation, physical fitness and spiritual enrichment. It is a time of rest as well as growth. And, as with any endeavor, I find greater heights can be reached when you have a plan and when you work as a team.

You may already have some ideas for growing spiritually as a family this summer – possibly praying the rosary or visiting a local shrine together. We have also enjoyed visiting churches when no Mass is being celebrated, appreciating the artwork and rich symbolism while spending “quality time” with our father and our heavenly intercessors.

While recently reflecting on the great many titles and images of our Mother Mary, my family was inspired to begin a new activity this year. We have various Marian images in our lives, some of which we don’t know the associated title or origin.  We have each decided to choose one that is meaningful to us for some reason. We intend to research these and share our findings so that we may honor our loving Mother more deeply and grow in faith as a family more fully.

I pray that the quality time you make with your families this season brings you to heavenly heights.

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