The Day the Earth Stood Still

By Kim Roberts

There have been a few days that I can vividly remember the exact moment that I heard certain news.

I can remember exactly what I was doing the day the news was unfolding on Sept. 11 when the first tower fell, when my husband told me he was being deployed to Desert Storm and watching the Challenger explode on live television for example.

I’m sure we all have those earth-shaking moments that literally bring us to our knees and we stare in utter disbelief, praying for guidance and understanding.

Last month, my faith community experienced one of those moments when a young child was taken from us in the most horrendous manner possible. I will never forget where I was, what I was doing and the whirlwind of days that followed. I am still in disbelief and praying for guidance, understanding and the ability to forgive the person who committed the grievous act that claimed this child’s life.

The family will never be the same – we have all been changed by this tragic event. What I have seen and experienced is a community that came together to grieve and support the family and each other. Other schools and parishes have reached out and shown so much support and kindness, and we have truly felt the entire Archdiocese of New Orleans holding us in their hearts during this time.

Our pastor has been such an excellent shepherd as we were all searching for answers and asking how could this happen. He had such a clear answer, that I have often reflected on his words.

“There is no answer for an early, tragic death, at least no answer while we are living on the earth. We trust that that she enjoys the wonders of heaven and is truly at peace with our God.”

While the loss is too profound to put into words or comprehend most days, I’ve found that the only way to try to find peace is through prayer and knowing that she is in the best place possible.

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