Jesus is Our Still Point on the Swing of Life

By Charlotte Phillips

A few weeks ago, I went to City Park’s Carousel Gardens with my family and found myself on the swings with our 7-year-old. We both excitedly buckled ourselves into our swing – him in the swing in front of me. 

As we began to swing in circles, I couldn’t help but think, as I get older, these rides seem to spin faster and faster. Just as I was starting to get dizzy, my sweet boy yelled, “Mama look, I’m flying!!” as he extended his arms out like an airplane.

In that moment, I forgot about being dizzy. My son became my still point, turning my swirling and blurry vision to joy as I was able to completely focus on his giggles as we flew in our swings. 

As I was swinging with my son, I could have let the dizzy feeling take over. I could have let it turn my stomach in circles, having me count down the minutes until the ride was over. I could have stayed inside my own head, letting the fear that had creeped in take over and rob me of the fun I had on this ride.

Instead, I heard the joy in my son’s voice and his sweet laugh. I focused on him and his happiness, not on the scenes passing me by in a blur.

As we continued to swing, I heard a little whisper from God, “Jesus is our still point.” I smiled as I tucked this thought in the back of my mind and stretched my arms out to fly with my son.

Later in prayer that night I thought, Jesus is our still point on the swing of life. How many times on this “swing of life” have we let fear creep in, letting ourselves get dizzy and swirl? How many times have we missed Jesus being our still point, excitedly reminding us to put our focus on him, and to embrace the joy that is this swing of life? 

 As we get older, time does seem to go by faster and faster. This doesn’t mean we have to watch our life go by in a blur; we don’t have to be dizzy counting down for time to slow down. We just have to find our still point in Jesus, embrace the joy of life and enjoy the ride.

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