Asking the Lord to ‘Do Something Big’

By Vivian Marino

The other day I was listening to a YouTube video with a comedian guest who had acquired much success within the past year. It had been a dream of hers to perform live, and she had finally accomplished that the Thursday before the Covid lockdown. 

Once that happened, she pivoted to taking online comedy writing classes and started performing short skits on Instagram. Success followed. 

How did she accomplish all of this? Her answer was prayer! She said that every morning and every night she would say the same prayer, “Dear Lord, please do something so big, it could only be you.” 

She did not want to put a limit on anything; she wanted it all to come from the glory of God. Her confidence and success are a testament to this!

The second I heard this magnificent prayer, it literally left me speechless, and I had to write it down immediately. The reason for this is the past several months, I have been contemplating the idea of prayer and how we come to God with our petitions, and how we ask for his help. 

The bottom line is that we can ask but ultimately it must be his will. To take it a step further, his will is the only way, because what he has planned for us is something that we could have never imagined. 

That is when the prayer, “Dear Lord, please do something so big, it could only be you,” comes into play. It has become my new go-to prayer for my children. I always tell them that nothing is impossible with God. We do the work; we do the right thing and leave the rest up to him. There are no limits with God, only the ones we put on him. 

So, at the end of the day, let’s do what we can, leave the rest up to him, and, when things happen that are so big that they surpass our wildest dreams, we can look up and know it was him!


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