By Greg Zambrano

When it comes to buildings and structures, the cornerstone would be laid out first to orient the direction and shape the construction should take. Some cornerstones have the year of the construction or the geographical coordinates on them. 

Since a cornerstone is known to carry the weight of an entire structure, it is important that that cornerstone can live up to that task. Choose a cornerstone that is solid, so later it is not found to be cracked, shattered or rolled over. A damaged cornerstone would not make for a structurally sound building. A cornerstone must always be true. 

Jesus is the cornerstone of the Catholic Church. “He who believes in it will not be disturbed” (Isaiah 28:16). This stone is precious to God and laid in Zion. No other structure or organization can claim to have such a perfect cornerstone. God is the supernatural stone that carries the weight of the entire structure. He was placed to die on Calvary in Jerusalem, but his mystical body and church reach the entire world. At some point in the future, there will be triumph in heaven. 

If you need a guide in your family life, let Jesus orient you. Jesus Christ must be the cornerstone in families. Since families are known as the domestic church, let Jesus Christ, our family cornerstone, guide us through with his word and sacraments. 


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