Growing More Into Mother and Wife

By Gina Sternfels

God has me learning through prayer! I am becoming more self-aware as I dig deeper into prayer.  It has been interesting to hear God’s voice or movement calling me to be better as a mother and wife.  God spoke to me in my most recent journal entry and left me with some questions!

I plan to take these into more prayer and develop new ideas, making it sound fun to me.

How can I be a better mom/wife? How can I pray for my husband/children today? Can it be ok if I am not “right”? Do I know I am not responsible for all my husband’s/(adult)kids’ decisions?

In wanting to unite and draw our souls near him, Jesus invites us to be on our mission together in our daily vocation of wife and mother with him. That can happen when I am more aware of how I can personally develop, and it is often minor adjustments over time.

If I keep winding up in the same place for weeks or months, God does not want me to stay in my mess or be disappointed. He wants my awareness of my desire for him; I can invite him into it; I pray to grow in the virtue I need to be the better wife and mother I long to be.

I am not saying I am not a good mother, but on the road to becoming a saint, I want to continually grow to be more like Jesus or our momma, Mary.  I can be gentler with my responses, even quieter and breathe more. What better gift could I give to myself than peace in my mind, body, and soul?  The bonus here is it overflows to my husband and kids – my entire home!

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