What is motherhood?

By Christine Bordelon

Today being Mother’s Day has me thinking a lot about the sacrifices that women make when they become mothers.

I don’t think most of us considered what being a mom entails when we first got married. I know I didn’t. I am the oldest of five children, and I can tell you all I thought was that I wanted fewer children when I had a family. But, you know what? I am so glad my mom was blessed with all five of us.

My mother died nearly 27 years ago at way too young of an age at 57. She gave up a job that she was good at to raise her children – all with different personalities and interests. I can only imagine what navigating that was like for her. I know I didn’t always appreciate how she kept our house clean, our clothes washed and had a hot meal on the table every day while volunteering at our elementary school, attending and being a chauffeur to after-school events.

Our life was her life. She lived vicariously through us and was proud of the adults we eventually became.

She raised us with faith and morals and big hearts that always want to help others. This couldn’t be more evident than in our lives today as we rally around our dad who is sick. We do it with loving, servant hearts.

I’ve been a working mom now for nearly 36 years, and I have to tell you it wasn’t always easy and still isn’t sometimes. While my choice to work after having children was different from my mom’s, I was lucky to have jobs that allowed me time to be active in my children’s lives and now my grandchildren’s.

I know some of how I was nurtured by mom and my grandmothers has rubbed off on my kids, and I am thankful for that, especially in today’s culture and climate. I only hope I am alive to see their children mature into fine human beings who care about others and know they have someone they can always count on, because isn’t that what all of us wish for?

Being a mom doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. It just means you are there when someone needs you, you listen, you share laughter and tears, offer advice (even if you aren’t asked, but feel is necessary) and bestow as much love as you have to give.

May all moms out there have a beautiful and blessed Mother’s Day.

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