April Showers Bring May Flowers, Celebrating the Queen of Heaven

By Ana Borden

My favorite grammar school tradition was participating in our school’s May crowning, celebrating the most important woman of our faith. I remember vividly colorful and fragrant bouquets held by little hands and the excitement of waiting to hear the approval from our pastor to process towards the altar and surround the beautiful Virgin Mary statue with our freshly cut flowers from our gardens and stores. 

 Singing the hymn, “O Mary We Crown Thee with Blossoms Today,” was a significant memory of this well cherished procession as well.

Fast forward nearly four decades later. As our children recently celebrated the May crowning at their school, this year, in particular, I reflected longer on the significance of this tradition. Mary, our mother, is the greatest model of motherhood, womanhood and femininity. Her grace, strength and faithfulness are what we should be celebrating, serving as our precedent to emulate even more so today.

As the April showers have diminished, I cannot help but reflect that as we move through unclear moments in our lives and current environment that we may encounter beautiful miracles in the flowers that bloom in May – embracing Mary in our parishes, schools, communities and families in our daily rituals, even beyond this month.  

May our most holy and blessed Queen of Heaven continue to guide us and intercede in our parishes, schools and churches and, especially, those leading us in our communities.

 What are other ways we may celebrate and venerate our Mother Mary?

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