Savoring the Easter Hope with a Prayer

By Charlotte Phillips

Dear God,

We thank you for the gift of hope given to us by your resurrected Son.

As we continue to savor this precious gift during these 50 days of Easter, Lord, help us remember how it feels to bask in the joy of the Resurrection.

Let the hope we find in Jesus fill our hearts, our souls, our minds.

Let the love Jesus pours out to us fill the hearts and souls of those we encounter.

Let the joy of the Resurrection fuel our desires to continue to strive to be the loving and compassionate people we are called to be.

Lord, on the Good Friday moments in our lives, the moments that our hearts are breaking and hope feels far away, help us remember we won’t be here forever.

Help us remember to turn to your son who understands what it is like to feel pain and suffering. Help us turn our suffering to Jesus.

Help us to remember that the pain of Good Friday led to the joy of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Help us to remember to thank you for the gift of your son who gives us hope when we feel hopeless, and who loves us on the days we don’t feel worthy of love.

As we continue in this Easter season filled with moments of Good Friday suffering, Holy Saturday waiting and Easter Sunday joy, help us remember to walk with you in these moments, Lord, and to savor the hope we find in you.


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