God gives each of us a particular calling

By Ty Salvant

He sees farther down the road than I do. 

While I try to say yes to God’s requests, sometimes I hesitate because I don’t want to reprioritize my life, don’t understand the ask or am uncomfortable with the request. Regardless of my reasoning, I usually acquiesce, sometimes a little later than I should have, because I remind myself that he sees farther down the road than I do. 

I am ever mindful of the blessings of saying yes to God and following my calling. One author helped me to put it in perspective. There are times when others can’t see your vision at the beginning because God didn’t give it to them, he gave it to you. 

Recently, a dear friend, who was blessed and a blessing to people in his circle, died from cancer. Sometimes, we have opportunities to take a leap of faith, but don’t for various reasons. 

About 15 years ago, Matt and his wife were curious about homeschooling their children for multiple reasons. God gave them a vision. At the time, they both worked and, after much discussion, they decided he would quit his job and be the primary homeschooler. 

Rearranging his life wasn’t an easy decision, and he was met with objections and questions by many. Nearly two decades ago in our society, a college-educated man “giving up” his career to be the primary caregiver and to homeschool was not the norm. However, he trusted God and did it anyway. We became fast friends and homeschooled together for many years. 

Every loss of life matters. This particular loss hits differently because I and my homeschool community are greatly affected.

One result of answering this particular call was that Matt’s children had him full-time for almost two decades. Our homeschool community benefited from the example of a great husband, father, educator, friend and mentor.

I am reminded that God saw farther down the road, and, if the roles were reversed, the kids would not have spent so much time with their dad nor experienced their dad in the same way. 

What a blessing. 

No one knows their hour; use your time wisely.

What is God calling you to do that may go against the grain or make you uncomfortable? 

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