Just Rest in a Bible Study

By Gina Sternfels

Have you ever taken the time for a bible study with others?

I participated in a Bible study this Lent, and what a gift the Lord placed in my life. I didn’t plan to add anything to my schedule as it was already full, but my heart was heavy when a friend reached out.  She mentioned my favorite Catholic author. It was God’s timing.

We read the book “Just Rest” by Sonja Corbitt, an author who has helped me grow deeper in my faith through her books, retreats and podcasts.  In her study of Exodus, we learned about how we are like the wandering Israelites in the desert and how God teaches us there. He calls us closer in relationship to him in the desert, which is uncomfortable and challenging for us.

It is harder to be aware of the Holy Spirit moving in my life when I am in my desert (busy times and struggles).  So often, those times can be dry, noisy and overwhelming, and I feel stuck in my life. Yet, I am not slowing down enough to know what God promises and offers me. I cannot hear his voice, yet I pray for clarity.

“Through faith, God guarantees the blessings to be hoped for from him, providing evidence in the gift of faith that what he promises will eventually come to pass” (Hebrews 11:1).

Amid world distractions, I miss the graces in the form of manna or, as Sonja states, the “dew of heaven” God is giving me in my desert. It is how he calls me to long for him to grow in my faith and be closer to him. She encourages the call of the father, wanting me to rest in his word – the ultimate rest, beyond physical rest and so allowing me to receive that which can only refresh and feed me in the desert.

Having my faith strengthened in Lent is a way that the overflow can pour out to my family, fill me in moments of exhaustion and keep me in expectant hope of his resurrection.

Is your faith strengthened through the sacrifices in your desert this Lent? With Holy Week almost here, can you see how he calls you closer to his heart in his word that is alive to be shared to fill you?


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