Reaching out to Mary really helps

By Vivian Marino

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the 54-day novena. I have witnessed so many graces that have come from this powerful prayer. 

I love a line at the beginning of the novena prayer – “O, Holy Queen, dispenser of God’s graces and mother to all who invoke thee.” It’s such a beautiful statement filled with so much meaning. 

We all have earthly mothers. Some relationships are stronger than others, making it easy to always go to your mother for help. But what about those who struggle to go to their mother for help? 

Being a daughter of immigrants, I was raised to be independent from the start. If I needed help, there was a way I’d figure it out on my own and, if not, I would learn from my mistakes. Bottom line is that it was difficult for me to ask for help, especially from Mary.

It wasn’t until almost four years ago that I really needed help, and that’s when I reached out to my heavenly mother, Mama Mary. I was dealing with an impossible situation in terms of forgiveness, and I needed tremendous help – the kind of help that could only come from heaven and from a mother. 

I prayed fervently for four years asking for what seemed like the impossible. I put my trust in Jesus to take care of the situation for me, and I left everything in the palm of his hands. Leaving it all to Jesus, I went to his mother for the comfort and rest that I so desperately needed.

You see, Mary knew my need just like she did at the Wedding at Cana when she told Jesus, “They have no wine.” For me, she said, “She has no peace.” Instead of filling jars with wine, he filled my “jars” with peace. 

Then, one day, many years later, my prayer was answered. What I thought was the impossible became possible and, for that, I am eternally grateful. I now see life through a different lens. 

At the Wedding at Cana, things happened immediately, but with me, it took a lot of time. I was willing to wait because, in the wait, my heart changed. In the waiting, Our Lady took my hand and held me. She is the ultimate mother, dispenser of all graces, and “mother to all who invoke thee.” 

I just needed to ask.

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