By Charla Misse

About seven years ago, the “power stick” (portable power source for mobile devices) came out. At the time, my then 3-year-old son asked me if there was such a thing that you could take with you and plug into your phone to recharge it if the battery was low.

I was totally amazed that he knew enough to not only ask me this question, but also understand the concept! I was so thrilled to tell him all about this new technology.  “Yes, yes, it’s called a power stick!”

You can imagine, then, how I was (and still am) speechless when he replied “Just like Jesus …  If you’re out of energy, you can just go to him for a recharge.”

I asked where he learned that, but he said he just knew it. And, that was the end of that conversation.

My son has a way of doing that to me, still. Just when I think he couldn’t amaze me anymore, he leaves me dumbfounded. I expect many parents know how I feel.  What a blessing to have precious children to innocently show us the way.

As we enter Lent and focus our energies on penance and fasting, I foresee I will feel depleted at times. In fact, just one week in, I already hit a low.  That’s when I remembered the “power stick.” I needed to plug into Jesus for a recharge.

Reflecting on “The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness,” I more than ever felt the enormity of his sacrifice for me, and I felt the energy. I felt the grace of his energy lifting me up and making my burdens light. Sweet Jesus, adorable Jesus, under attack and withstanding all tests – for me, for us.

If, during this Lent, you find your resistance low and your spiritual strength lacking, I pray that you might remember Jesus is always there with you. He is there to save you with his limitless power. He only asks for your trust.

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