Kids are Pro-Life

By Ana Borden

For each of our children, we have an ongoing time capsule. It includes newspapers and magazines from the day they were born from my parents, mailings from their aunts, and an array of printed news capturing the day and week we first laid eyes on them. I also placed ultrasound photos, wrote a journal during pregnancy and included the story of their birth. In my weekly journal, I captured special moments of each of them during pregnancy, from the moment we discovered about their arrival up until they landed safety in our arms.

The journal entries from the weeks they grew in my womb captured their first kick, ultrasounds, who hiccupped when I ate certain foods to who would wake me up in the middle of the night to make a few special moments.

Our kids giggle at the idea that they did the same things they do now, even in “mommy’s tummy.” They have expressed so much curiosity of this time comparing one to the other, especially who kicked Mommy the hardest. I am convinced that I knew their personality before birth, including distinguishing the early riser, the runner, the one with a healthy appetite and the napper.

When we hear the good news of other families expecting, our children celebrate, ask lots of questions about the baby’s blossoming personality in the womb and take guesses on names and other characteristics. Their pureness of understanding that life begins before birth is truly a gift.

Children’s interpretation and insight are so direct and clear. They see life as a gift, not a burden. They are fascinated with God’s miracle, as we all should be. Their reaction and joy of new life is a reminder of God’s goodness.

Through their eyes, I am reminded of my own beliefs and life makes complete sense – believing and experiencing God’s will and goodness while respecting every life.

May the Lord bless every child and may their awe of new life remind each of us to protect the unborn and be a voice for the voiceless.

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