Blessed By A Prophetic Word

By Gina Sternfels

On a Monday, a friend called and shared something with me. He was participating in a small prayer group, and I came to his heart, and these were the words to share with me. 

“God has you right where he wants you.”

I was grateful he called to tell me. As a friend, it felt good to be thought of; however, as a believer, it is incredible to see how the Holy Spirit can act through us for others. If we take the step of faith to share the good news, we can bless someone else and be obedient.

Later that week, I wanted to attend confession and a daily Mass, which is not normal for me.  However, things did not go how I intended once I got to the church. I planned to go to confession, and the priest was unavailable. While waiting for Mass to begin, I realized today was a school-wide Mass. So, I considered leaving and pushing it off until tomorrow. But why?

The thoughts in my head were: it was not my plan, it would take too long, and I had somewhere else to be. These types of ideas would cause me shame in the past. God is teaching me in these moments. It is ok to be curious about these thoughts.   

A few minutes later, I saw the youngest students coming in paired up with the older students. I had an image of myself being that little child walking next to God, the Father. He was next to me, bringing me into the church.  

I felt deep in my heart, “I have you where I want you.”  It was the words my friend shared, but now they were being spoken to me. God wanted me to be still and present in Mass with him.  Nothing else matters. At that moment, I was comforted and felt so much love. I may not always feel his presence, but I can know God is always there by my side.  

Do you ever have those critical thoughts that are not from God?   

What would he say if he were holding your hand and walking with you?

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