Wedge Between love ones

By Greg Zambrano

Relationships start, flourish and sometimes sadly come to an end even though everyone mixed well. 

These transformations remind me of a carpenter taking a piece of wood and, using a tool such as a wedge or chisel, transforming the wood with a break, rip or tear. This image is the basis of my idea.

Take a look at this as a wedge between you and God, spouses, parents and children. Is there daylight between them? Let it be promptly brought to Christ and be resolved before the tear becomes significant and results in a loss.

We should do our best to love God above all else and love our neighbor as ourselves. We are not perfect, but we follow Christ’s command to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect. With continuous visits and reception of the sacraments, I strengthen my soul and drop disordered behavior that causes loss of my peace and with others.

In pursuit of holiness and to please God, I must learn to love my neighbor. When I cause injury to my neighbor, I must ask for forgiveness (Matthew 5:24). I must leave my gift before the altar and reconcile with the person I injured. This step takes humility – a grace that I must pray for. 

How do I ask for this grace? Sometimes, I don’t desire it or I am not ready to be humble. As I contemplated this, a concept came to me: “He loved me first” (1John 4:19). It’s that simple.

As humans we cause trouble, arguments and separations with friends and family. Love them first, say you are sorry and reassure that you truly love them. By remembering that God created me from an infinite amount of love, I find it possible to maintain healthy relationships with friends and family. 

Not all friends and family will forgive and forget your transgression. It might take time to make things right. 

True happiness can be found by placing our dependence completely on Christ. Jesus will always forgive you if you are humble and contrite. Jesus, my God and my savior, is ready to accept any apology; we just need courage and humility to make a good confession. 

Seeking the forgiveness of others is the right and just thing to do, but we might have to wait on human forgiveness. On the other hand, God readily receives your apology, dries your tears, cares for you today and for eternity. 

Never let there be a space between you and Jesus. He has died for the love of you and me. May I always be situated the same distance that he is from his mother. I will die for the love of him.

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