Working on our Weaknesses

By Ana Borden

As early as first grade, I recall disliking English class for various reasons. I found drawing and painting, in lieu of writing, an easier outlet to communicate. Thankfully, my mother guided me to focus on writing and grammar and reminded me often of the importance of mastering this class and the art of writing. 

Extensive practice, practice and more practice helped me overcome what I considered an obstacle midway of high school. With time and dedication, writing started to became more of an outlet, alongside with drawing and painting. My previous weakness slowly became a strength, but it was not without having to work so much harder to overcome this weak trait.

When I hear others struggling to practice their Catholic faith, I think of the time I was challenged with English classes. This reminder helps me encourage and share words of support and patience to others when they struggle in their faith, relationships and other life challenges. 

I share my own struggles hopes that it reminds others, and myself, that it happens to us in all facets of life. With dedication and commitment, even in our weaknesses such as writing, it can actually become a strength that lead us closer in God’s name.

What is a weakness you overcame that became a strength in God’s name?

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