Building Saints

By Kim Roberts

While attending a parent club meeting recently, our guest speaker spoke about how parents are in the business of raising saints.

I thought about that on the drive home and mused could she literally have meant that all of our children were going to be actual saints? Well, that couldn’t be what she meant, right?

Saints are exceptionally holy, making extraordinary sacrifices for their faith. I mean, I know my kids are special, but saints? Then I remembered that saints were also everyday people who chose to dedicate themselves to God and their family.

I believe the speaker meant – in a broader sense – that it is our job as parents to raise our children to be saints and fulfill their destiny as Christians. We are entrusted with these lives by God to guide them in the ways of the church and help them to achieve their both their physical and spiritual maturity.

Aren’t we all called to become saints? How can we accomplish that for ourselves and our children? Start by simply attending Mass and going to confession. And, every chance you get, set an example for your children of what it means to strive to follow God’s commands. Mother Teresa taught that to be holy and to be a saint means allowing God “to live his life in us.”

Today, on All Saint’s Day, maybe start a new tradition with your children such as reading and learning about different saints and praying to the saints. Or, pray to you or your children’s communion saints, asking for guidance and protection.

Thanks to the guest speaker at my meeting, All Saints Day has a new meaning for me. I will now pray not only to our family saints, but also for my little saints to reach their full spiritual maturity.

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