Timeless Parables

By Stacy LaMorte

Jesus was so insightful and knew his flock so well. He knew that we learn better from stories than from mere transmission of facts. When you think about the things you have heard that have really impacted your life, I would venture to say that you remember the facts because of the stories.

Jesus knew how, even thousands of years later, we would be able to put ourselves in the shoes of these characters and learn from them. He knew that the power of these lessons would move us and enable us to relate to different parts of the stories or different characters as we grow and mature in age and grace.

Our children, too, learn through parables. Either before Mass or after, have age-appropriate discussions with your children to discuss what they learned from the Gospels or to whom they related.

I think about the parable of the widow who was almost out of flour and oil and knew that she only had enough to make herself and her son one more meal.

As a little girl, I remembered thinking about being that son and wondering what my family would do if we were in that situation. What would my mom do in that case?  Now, as a mother, I relate to that in a completely different way. Would I panic if that was the hand I was dealt? Would I be so confident that God would provide? Maybe even ask your children what they would do if they were the mom.

As we read our children stories from the Bible, let us look at them through their eyes and try to remember what we thought of these same stories when we were their age. These stories are truly timeless.

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