Miracles are holy whispers from God

By Vivian Marino

Right before school starts is generally when I set aside time to empty out the backpacks from the previous school year. And, yes, I am late to the game.

I throw away notebooks and take out looseleaf from binders, with hopes of salvaging some of the supplies so the kids can reuse them.

This year, I came across my son’s eighth-grade Christology binder. As I was emptying out his handwritten notes, I glanced at the material which highlighted the fundamentals of the Catholic faith. The material was basic, yet fantastic, so I decided to keep the notes for myself – hoping to brush up on my catechism. Plus, I loved the idea that it was my son’s notes, and that I could essentially be learning through him.

The section that piqued my interest focused on the miracles of Jesus that listed two simple yet powerful statements. The first is that the miracles are a testimony to his power of creation and power over death. Secondly, the miracles proved his authority to forgive sins. The next line in the notes literally stopped me in my tracks. It stated that miracles are an “invitation to wonder.” What a beautiful statement.

After reading this line, I understood the assignment and accepted the invitation. I sat and wondered and that is where the magic happened. I began to see that the ordinary things in life were extraordinary miracles, such as finding these notes in a binder tossed to the side.

From my perspective, miracles are holy whispers from God. When you take the time to wonder in a child-like way, you begin to take notice of God’s footprints that have essentially crossed your heart. It is in the pause where we see the light of his ways.

Sometimes, the miracles are bold, and other times they are gentle taps reminding us of his love. Regardless, take the invitation; stop and wonder for “You are the God who performs miracles” (Psalm 77:14).


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