God, how can I build your cathedral today?

By Gina Sternfels

At a recent Catholic conference, I was reminded of the story of the three brick layers that resonated with me.

A man walked up to the men working. He asked the first man what he was doing, and his response was, “I am laying bricks.” Next, he asked the second man, who replied, “I am putting up a wall.” Then, he asked the third man the same question. His answer was, “I am building a cathedral.”

The three bricklayers had the same job, but did not all have the same perspective on who they were or who they were created to be.

Every time I hear this story, it draws me to look deeper at how I show up in my life and vocation. Of course, I want to be the one building a cathedral.  I know I have a calling, and, as a momma, I want my kids to build cathedrals, too!

Using the gifts of time and talents that God gave us to the best of our ability will make a difference for us and those around us. Recognizing each of our roles as a building a cathedral can help us inside our vocation and draw us closer to our “father” in heaven.

What would change if I woke up each day asking God, “How could I build your cathedral today?” Would this intention help us bring more of heaven to others on earth?

I know my reactions to others would change in the world and our own homes. I have already noticed that I complain less because I recognize my calling is – even doing the small daily actions that sometimes feel more like bricklaying.

God is always calling me to be more like him, and what a simple way to do that. We can ask a question. Or use it for a simple prayer, “God, my Father, I am called for more than laying bricks or building a wall. Please help me in building your cathedral.”

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