Smell the Roses

By Ty Salvant

As parents pouring into our children, it can be too easy to focus on the work we still have to do. This child needs time management skills, and that child needs to be more generous. Aww man, this child is still struggling with regulating their emotions. Yes, that child is still not picking up behind themself. 

Just as easy as it is to miss when they have physically grown ¼, ⅓, then ½ of an inch, it is easy to overlook when that child who ALWAYS overslept doesn’t need to be awakened anymore. 

I find it fascinating how all life’s lessons apply to EVERY. ASPECT. OF. LIFE.

With our parental hats on, we must be reminded to STOP and smell the roses. Spend a few minutes reflecting on each of your children; it takes a little longer for some of us, lol. Think about the lessons you have not had to focus on recently because they have learned them. Recall the virtues that they each possess. Acknowledge how much your child has grown and express your delight and appreciation for that growth. Do not use this time to express your love verbally; that is for a different time. 

We love our children unconditionally, regardless of whether they always need an alarm clock or never make their beds, and we’d never want them to think that our love for them is based on their meeting or exceeding our expectations. 

We will never see some of the traits and qualities that we work so hard to instill in our children because of the nature of our relationship. Some, we will only see when they are adults navigating difficult situations. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to pay attention when they are still living in our house to see glimpses of their strengths. However, we can overlook their progress if we’re hyper-focused on getting them over the finish line. 

Sometimes, our interactions with our children bring out their best; other times, they exacerbate them and bring out the worst. Colossians 3:22 reminds us, “Fathers, do not provoke your children, so they may not become discouraged.” 

Let’s heed that advice and intentionally catch them doing something good. This encourages our children on their path to becoming the best version of themselves.

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