Things to Do in New Orleans

By Charla Misse

I set aside a few days each summer to make special memories with my family.  If you’re looking for things to do, here are a few of our ideas.

Scavenger Hunt – visit your church in the middle of the day and give each child a checklist (words and/or pictures) of items to find such as baptismal font, crucifix, confessional, tabernacle, sanctuary lamp, St. Michael the Archangel, Our Mother Mary, altar bells, paschal candle and votive candles. You may even find a relic!  Take the opportunity to explain the significance of the items you find and enjoy the mystery of being in a sacred place on your own.

Religious Art – leisurely explore the statues and stained-glass windows in your church. Let your children tell you what they know about the saints or depictions.  Are any of them special to your family? Your child may like to choose one to learn more about and return another day to say special prayers. You may also enjoy bringing a sketch book and colored pencils to see what art you are inspired to imitate or create yourself.

Field Trip – choose a local location of religious significance to research online and then visit. We are blessed with so many options in New Orleans, several national shrines and historical churches to explore – too many possibilities to list!  Another fun idea for a field trip is to bring your children to the church where you were married or where you attended as a child.

We’ve found that little excursions like these not only make big memories, but also strengthen our relationships with each other and with our faith.

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