Summer Camp Jitters

By Charlotte Phillips

On the first day of summer camp drop-offs this summer, our children were holding two competing feelings – excitement to go to a new camp for the first time since the pandemic and nervousness about going to camp without friends.

Our sweet 6-year-old told me on the way to camp, “Mama, I didn’t know you could be excited and a scared about something at the same time.” Clearly with help from the Holy Spirit, I responded, “Of course you can! God gave us all different types of feelings, so it’s okay to be excited and scared at the same time.”

After dropping everyone off and returning home to work, I started to think about how I, as an adult, react when I have two competing feelings. I don’t know that at 6 years old I could have named what I was feeling two very emotions at the same time.

In that moment, I thanked God for this realization. I also thanked God for giving our kids the courage and excitement to want to try new camps, even if it meant going that first week without any friends.

After the last few years filled with COVID and Hurricane Ida disrupting our lives, I am so grateful our children are able to enjoy a restful summer filled with new experiences at summer camps.

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