Saying Grace

By Ana Borden

Recently, we vacationed with extended family and ate dinner a few times all together.

As I placed our children’s plate in front of them that first night, I reminded them to say grace. Our oldest whispered in my ear, “I’m nervous praying. No one else is.” I whispered back, “We have so much to be thankful for; give thanks in your own volume. Maybe, you help someone remember to give his or thanks to God.”

Within a few seconds, our youngest and loudest child recited joyfully our nightly prayer of grace.

Growing up, our family held hands and prayed the Our Father in Spanish before dinner.

We continue this tradition of saying grace in our own family, just like Jesus did. This moment of prayer in unity is a tradition we hope to share with other families, and that our children will pass along to their own families.

Most importantly, I hope that our children, despite being surrounded by those who may not include or overlook this moment of strengthening their faith, find their “volume” and remind others of their many blessings and follow Jesus’ example, offering thanks to the Lord, for not only the blessing of a meal, but enjoying it, while surrounded by those we love and care for.

Lord, please give us the strength to not fear praying in your name and to do so at any “volume”.

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