The Battle Between Martha and Mary

By Michelle Macicek

Wowzer! The last few weeks have been quite a marathon!! From the normal end of the school year festivities with six kids: closing programs, class parties, exams, etc. We have also had two graduations (with lots of events preparing and celebrating those milestones) and a Sweet 16!

While all of these moments were “good things,” I found myself in full on survival mode. I kept praying to live in each moment and to stay present to each of my children, while also praying to accomplish everything on my to-do list in order to provide fun and festive gatherings at our home with our family and friends.

This tug of war in prayer reminded me of my struggle as a wife and mother to learn from both Martha and Mary.

It’s easy to get caught up in the planning and the to-do lists like Martha and not allow ourselves to recognize the Lord’s desire for our presence. Let’s be honest, as mothers, we will always have lists of errands, appointments, groceries and much more to get done. The challenge is to not let those run our day. This is easier said than done! Especially in a culture that praises busyness.

In the past few years, Mary’s fiat has been my mantra. In fact, I’m still trying to convince my older girls that a small “fiat” tattoo on my wrist is a good idea! LOL!

Until then, I’ll continue writing it in sharpie as a daily reminder to be so aware of God’s presence that I will have the courage to follow wherever he calls me and be present to him in whatever season he has placed me.

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