Summer Reading

By Charla Misse

As we enter into our summer break, we begin to see book ideas for “beach reads” and summer reading programs.

At this time of year, I start stacking up books that might captivate a family member: entertaining, thought-provoking, inspirational, educational. I try to have a variety of books within reach.

I’ve wanted to recommend a book in my blog for some time, “33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration by Marian Father of the Immaculate Conception Michael E. Gaitley. I completed this life-changing consecration to Jesus through Mary and then reconsecrated myself a year later, surprised by a different, even more profound experience.

I am truly humbled and awed to think of the graces that have poured into my life when I surrendered to Jesus by entrusting myself to Our Mother Mary’s most loving and tender hands.

For this year’s reconsecration, I am inspired to invite both my husband and son to complete the retreat with me. The daily readings take only around three minutes – the majority of “work” being done is to ponder the readings in your heart throughout the day. The language and ideas are simple, but rich in wisdom.

You may want to consider this for yourself or for your family, too. For this retreat, it is suggested that your preparation begin on a date that allows your consecration to fall on a Marian feast day. For example, this summer, you could begin on June 13 or July 13.

I will still gather up books for the bedside and coffee tables, but I am pretty excited about sharing this experience with my family!

I believe that one good Catholic book can change a person’s eternity.  If you make a summer reading list, I encourage you to include at least one choice that is divinely inspired.

I pray this summer brings your family a chance for renewal, a time to focus on varied interests as well as each other, and an opportunity to blossom into that which God intends for you.


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