The End of Kindergarten

By Charlotte Phillips

My middle son graduated from kindergarten today. When I picked him up from school a couple of days ago, I noticed I could see the tip of his white sock poking through a small hole in the toe of his shoe. Will these shoes make it through a day and a half of school? I wondered as we continued our walk home.

These shoes, like my kindergartener, have been through a lot this year. New teachers and new friends greeted him on the first day of school back in August. He’s learned how to read, how to add and subtract, how to better follow directions, how to be more independent and how to play with his friends, to name just a few new skills! My sweet little 5-year-old turned 6 during kindergarten and has grown in so many ways.

These shoes, like kindergarten, served their purpose well. Our son loved kindergarten! We could not ask for better teachers, and he’s made sweet new friends this year, too.

But just as it is time to say goodbye to kindergarten, it’s also time to say goodbye to these shoes. New shoes will be ready and waiting in August to take my sweet boy on his next adventure in first grade!

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