Kinesthetic Learners

By Stacy LaMorte

As a former teacher, I know that most kids love to move (even when you don’t want them to be moving!)  I used to try to implement movement into a lot of our learning, because it is difficult for kids to sit still all the time.

However, I quickly realized that, not only do they appreciate being allowed to move about, but a lot of kids also actually learn more readily when they are moving.

One of the things my kids used to love to do was to play the basketball game “Horse” to learn their spelling words or vocabulary. I would give them a word to spell or define and, if they got it correct, they took a shot. If they made it, they would move to the next spot and so on until we got through the list.

This is also a great time for hearing about your child’s day without the “stress” of eye-to-eye conversation.

My son typically will confide in me about what is going on in his life if I am out on the front porch, and he is shooting hoops. Over evacuation last year, he and I went to play tennis multiple times because I knew that he needed that kinesthetic outlet to get his feelings out. Sometimes, a walk around the block is all my daughters need to feel like they can get things off their chests.

God made our bodies to move and sometimes that movement helps to free up emotions.

Are there great tips you have that help your kids move their bodies and their emotions? Please share them with all of us!

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