Learning the hard way

By Kristy Solis

Sometimes to get where we are meant to be, we need to go the hard way, we need to be overwhelmed, we need to do it alone or we need to walk a different path than we planned. Ultimately, God will bring us where we are meant to be.

This is a valuable lesson to teach our children – sometimes they will have to learn life lessons the hard way. Life is not always easy, which is expected. In life, weakness is an absolute. However, weakness is an absolute what to do when they feel weak or helpless. This is one of the upmost important life lessons.

In these challenging moments, we have all that we need in God. Sometimes, we need to cry out or simply ask for God’s help; he is always there.

“For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you.” Isiah 41:13.

God’s one hope is that our souls will align with his plans for us.

Life is hard, but, in the end, it is so worth every cherished moment. Sometimes, to get home you need to go or learn the hard way.

Lord, hear our prayers and remind us of where help comes from – the one and the only, our Lord. Lord, keep us steadfast to endure life with you. Lord, renew us to maintain peace through the chaos, to sustain joy through sadness and always reflect hope in our hearts.

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