Inspired by Mary: Surrendering My Will

By Sarah Mcdonald

As we begin the month of May, attention in the secular world turns towards mothers in anticipation of Mother’s Day. In the Catholic Church we, of course, turn our attention to our Blessed Mother, Mary. As the Mother of God and our mother, it is truly fitting that the church dedicates this month to honor her.

When I had my first child, it was a very difficult delivery and the first few weeks were plagued with what, in retrospect, was probably a case of post-partum depression. It was then that I added to my prayers regularly, “Mary. Mother of God, pray for us.” I knew then even as I could not utter prayer out-loud without tears streaming down my face, that just as I was turning to my own mom here on earth for support that I needed the prayers and support of my mother in heaven. I needed her to pray for me and to follow her example.

Recently, I have been called to once again follow her example as God has called me to surrender my plans and will to his: it is with great joy and excitement that I share that the McDonald 7 will soon be the McDonald 8! Baby McDonald #6 is due in August, much to the delight of his (yes, boy #4) older siblings.

As anyone who has ever expected a child can tell you, it is full of all sorts of emotions. In our case, being a little older than the norm and having had our longest gap of not to be welcoming a new addition, the emotions certainly ran the gamut. My husband, as always, was awesome and understanding through all of it even as I felt like I was losing it! As the shock wore off and the fears calmed, it was then that I had my realization, I was to turn again to the example of our Blessed Mother and live out my own Fiat as a wife and mom.

So yes, as we begin this month to honor our Blessed Mother, let us honor all of our mothers, grandmothers, godmothers and mother figures, and pray that we all may look to Mary, Mother of God and our mother, as our example to surrender our will to God!

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