A Prayer of Thanksgiving

By Charlotte Phillips

Dear God,

As we continue to celebrate our new life in the resurrection of your son, Jesus, we thank you for your presence in the ordinary, everyday moments.

For the gift of leaves swaying in the gentle spring breeze,

for the songs of birds chirping,

for the vibrant colors of flowers blooming.

We thank you for the laughter of children playing in your sunny days,

for family dinners,

and for the small talk we share with neighbors on the street.

On the days that you feel far away, Lord, let us remember you are always there.

We can find you as the wind blows across our face, in the quiet pause of a deep breath, in the smile of a stranger.

We can see you in the mom in the grocery store with children under foot, the dad proudly cheering from the sidelines, and the smile of our elderly neighbor across the street.

Lord, thank you for the gift of your presence in all things, especially in the moments we often take for granted. May we always remember you are with us not only in the big moments of our lives, but in the small, everyday moments, too.


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