When the Answer is No

By Michelle Macicek

Over the past few months two of my daughters have separately worked and trained to try out for something that they wanted very badly. Unfortunately, after each try out the answer was “no” for both of them.

When they each received the email with this news, my first reaction was one of momma bear protector. How could I shield this disappointment and rejection from them? The answer is … I can’t! Sure, I can speak words of affirmation and buy them a little treat, but those are temporary.

The real gift is to recognize that this will not be their last “no” and to support and guide them in how to handle it.

We have all been told “no.” Sometimes for things that we really desire, and sometimes for things that are easy to accept.

How many times have we come to prayer begging for something and have been told “no” from our Father? The fact is that hearing “no” can be a beautiful way to shape us and an opportunity to grow in reliance on the Lord. It can be an opportunity to take a step back and look at what are goals are. Is it time to refocus our goals or is it a time to push ourselves to work harder?

It was actually such a gift to watch my girls work through this rejection.

My oldest daughter, in particular, handled it with such an abundant amount of grace that I was blown away. Once she moved beyond the tears, she was able to express how this one “no” was not going to steal the joy she has from doing what she loves.

My younger daughter, who is very driven, decided she was going to work even harder this upcoming year and try again.

I sat back in awe of both of them. It is clearly the Holy Spirit moving in them to be able to know their worth is not attached to this no!

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