Keep the Celebration Going!

By Stacy LaMorte

Alleluia! Alleluia! He is risen! Happy Easter, NOLA Catholic Parenting Family! 

 It is so easy, like Christmas, to think like the secular world that Easter is over because the day itself has come and gone. However, Easter is a 50-day celebration that begins today and ends on the feast of Pentecost which is June 5 this year. 

There are so many beautiful crafts and books about Easter geared towards young children, but may I suggest to you parents of older children to pull out those old Easter board books you read when your children were little? Reread one every week to remind your children of the joy of Easter as a baby/child and to see the stories from a different perspective now as a tween or teen.  If nothing else, they may just enjoy the simplicity of the stories and the warm feelings they evoke.  

Just hop onto Pinterest to find a treasure trove of crafts to do with your kids to keep the celebration fresh and new throughout Eastertide. One cute craft I found at shows how you make an egg to represent the eight Sundays of Easter, beginning with Easter and Divine Mercy Sundays and ending with Pentecost. You string the eggs on ribbon or twine and then move an image of Jesus to a new egg each Sunday.  

Because our three children are teenagers now, I plan to ask a friend if my kids can do this craft with her kids, and we will each have an Easter Sunday garland to remind us of the continued celebration.  Another website – – suggests other ways to continue the celebration of new life, such as planting flowers and saying “no” to things that drain you.

I pray that you and your family enjoy an abundance of love and new life this Easter season!

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