Staying True to Your Lenten Commitment

By Gavin Lewis

Each year during Lent, I struggle to find what I will abstain from. The hard part is not abstaining for 40 days, but ensuring that what I do allows me to make a conscious decision to better myself for life – not just during Lent. 

That is the message that my wife and I attempt to convey to our kids. We recognize they are watching and setting an example for them is extremely important, especially when it comes to religious practices. 

Each year as a family, we discuss what the Lenten season means and the importance of the discipline, sacrifice and commitment to be made not only during Lent but in everyday life.  

As the children get older, we are encouraging them to give up something each week. This way, it’s not as difficult as 40 days, but it still serves to develop this sacrifice into a natural habit during Lent when they get older. 

As this Lenten season comes to a close, take some time (if you haven’t already) to talk about what it means and how as a family you can make a commitment to the Lord, just as he has committed to us.

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