The Rose Bush

By Ana Borden

There are a few things I still recall about my grandmother before she passed away when I was a child. Among them was her love for rose bushes that grew in her yard.

As a hobby, she cultivated beautiful heirloom roses in various hues of pinks and red. Following her passing, my mother propagated “offsprings” from rose cuttings. What started out as twigs have matured into stately bushes, elevated in pots that bloom sporadically.

It has been amazing to witness these bushes thriving from the rain, air and nutrients from the soil, with little to no physical involvement. When we started to establish our own garden, I asked for one of her rose bushes. It was then that my mother reminded me of my grandparents’ ongoing presence.

When our family has gone through moments of happiness to great sorrow, magically a single bloom appears. This has been a symbolic reminder of my grandparents’ presence knowing they are there, in spirit, watching over us, guiding us through uncertainty and providing the peace and comfort of God’s plan for us.

As life’s journey brings uncertainty in our extended family, friends’, colleagues’ and clients’ lives, I am drawn to the symbolism of our rose bush, sharing with them a small rose bush that will flourish and grow in time surrounded by God’s resources.

From the tiniest to the largest bloom, my prayer is that they know our family’s presence, thoughts and prayers are with them on their journey.

How do you see other’s presence interceding in your life?

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