Keep Lent simple, but meaningful

Lent is about working out those spiritual muscles.  And Lent doesn’t have to be about giving something up.  It can be about adding something too. Whenever Lent rolls around, I always rack my brain for things to do.  If you do, too, here are some ideas!  Lent has already started but it’s not too late to fast, pray and do almsgiving.

Things I have done for Lent in the past:

  1. Fasting from social media and using that time you would be scrolling Facebook/Instagram with an popular apps such as Laudate or Hallow to pray.  I’ve fasted from social media several years in a row. I’ve done this fast in stages, with the first year only checking social media once daily followed with only checking once a week and then finally not checking it at all during Lent.
  2. Silence in the car. Giving up all types of noise while driving. This was where I learned to be okay in quietness while praying as I drove to and from work. My vehicle became like a sanctuary.
  3. Read a spiritual book. Lent is about growing in holiness. Pick a book that will help you grow. Book suggestions: “Consoling the Heart of Jesus” by Michael E. Gartley, MIC; “Saint John Paul the Great – His 5 Loves” by Jason Evert; “This Present Paradise” by Claire Dwyer.
  4. Finding items in my household to donate so to pass on items that have a been a blessing to me to others.
  5. Say three intentionally kind things to my spouse and children. It’s so easy in the daily humdrum of life to forget to encourage others.

This year, I decided to keep it simple, since we just transitioned from two children to three. Our Lenten challenge this year was hold hands each morning with my husband and say a prayer together. Uncomplicated, straightforward and simple, but so powerful.


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