Bow your head

By Kristy Solis


Life is filled with blessings, even during the difficult times. Reflect on who has walked this journey of life with you. God should be first and foremost.

Sometimes in life, you need to bow your head to the Lord, say a prayer to the Lord and wait out a storm with the Lord. Through these downpours, there are great lessons to be learned.

These challenging times have taught us that God is disciplined; therefore, stand with God to lead the way through it.

When you bow your head and you are still, there is a clarity and details that can be amiss in the chaos of life. You truly learn who is there and who cares for you. God is the constant, but he also provides through others as well.

Reflecting on Lamentations 2:10, “They sit on the ground, they are silent. They have thrown dust on their heads; They have girded themselves with sackcloth. They have bowed their heads to the ground.” This is a reminder that while we are sitting in silence, God is always with us. Therefore, through the darkness search for God for he is where the joy lies.

Lord, hear our prayers of thanksgiving for being the shining light in our darkness. Lord, remind us to bow our heads to endure life with you. Lord, continue to bring peace to the chaos, bring joy to the sadness and always carry hope in our hearts.

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